March 21, 2017


The Source for Solutions to Metalworking Challenges : 
We continue to push the limits of precision, size and scope with capital investments made in service to our customers. AVE has the largest rolling capabilities in Bangalore and advanced equipment to handle robotic contour beveling, an articulating 5-axis 4K laser, and hybrid laser arc welding (HLAW), and water jet cutting.

AVE is proud to lead the industry with state-of-the-art technology and metal fabrication capabilities that meet our customer’s very specific requirements in the following areas:

  • Steel FabricatingMetal Fabrication
  • Heavy Steel Fabricating
  • Material Processing
  • Plate Material Supply
  • Composite Materials
  • Custom Shapes

Our metal processing services include precision laser, plasma and oxyfuel cutting; forming; rolling; welding; NDE and more. We also offer build-to-print manufacturing services and mill-direct material supply.

Through our extensive long press brake forming, laser and plasma cutting, robotic contour beveling, heavy rolling and welding capabilities, we provide high quality, tight tolerance fabrications.

Plate Blasting | Cutting | Forming | Rolling | Welding | Machining | Assembly | Heat Treating | Non-Destructive Testing